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Keep Wood in Top Condition

Caring For Your Furniture

Below are some guidelines for caring for your furniture. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the store for further information.

Most of our furniture is made from solid woods and you will find it has its own characteristics. This is what makes it special to you. It will also have knots, small cracks and variations in grain pattern and colour. These are all part of furniture's natural signature.

Humidity may cause your new solid wood furniture to move slightly so adequate ventilation should be provided to minimise this and natural wood products used in rooms with excessive amounts of moisture, such as bathrooms, may lead to warping. Try not to place in a very steamy room. Extreme temperatures should also be avoided so try not to put your furniture too close to radiators. These two factors are particularly important where painted furniture is concerned and can lead to "knot bleed" in some cases.

Light will also have an effect as the colour of the wood will change. Again, this is quite normal. If you do not want shade marks on your furniture it is best to move any ornaments around from time to time. Please do not leave damp objects like drinking glasses and vases on the surface. Spillages should be mopped up as quickly as possible until dry. It is important that you get help to lift your furniture when trying to place it as dragging can cause serious damage. Always use thick, well insulated mats for hot objects – casserole stands are good as they lift the hot item well away from the surface.

Different Finishes

With oil finishes, the surface should be kept dust free using a lint free cloth, and wiped in the direction of the grain Over time you may find that the wood will start to look dry this is easily remedied by re-oiling with Danish oil or boiled linseed oil.

Lacquered finished furniture should be treated in the same way as oil except household polish can be used. If you accidentally damage or scratch the surface of your furniture you may rub some wax polish into the area to repel moisture.

Waxed furniture only requires a light dusting with a soft cloth. Periodically, it will need a small amount of wax rubbing over it to prevent it drying out.

Remember never use chemicals, or abrasive cleaning materials on your wood furniture.

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